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Java Compiler Compiler - The Java Parser Generator

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[en] Java Compiler Compiler [tm] (JavaCC [tm]) is the most popular parser generator for use with Java [tm] applications. A parser generator is a tool that reads a grammar specification and converts it to a Java program that can recognize matches to the grammar. In addition to the parser generator itself, JavaCC provides other standard capabilities related to parser generation such as tree building (via a tool called JJTree included with JavaCC), actions, debugging, etc.

We’ve had hundreds of thousands of downloads and estimate serious users in the many thousands (and maybe even tens of thousands). Our newsgroup and our mailing list together have a few thousand participants.

JavaCC works with any Java VM version 1.2 or greater. It has been certified to be 100% Pure Java. JavaCC has been tested on countless different platforms without any special porting requirements. Given that we have seen JavaCC run on only around 5 or 6 platforms, we think this is a great testimonial to the "Write Once Run Anywhere" aspect of the Java programming language. We say this as engineers who have personally experienced the benefits of writing Java applications.