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ScientificPad Alpha2009012101 Release

Wednesday 21 January 2009, by ScientificWare

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Now you can save your address book. All addresses and groups can be reloaded. Using the comPanel become more easy.

- Becareful, it’ an Alpha version.
- Due to security prevent no mail server password will be saved.
- To configure the comPanel don’t type the @ separator :

For example the mailbox address Fill the

  • User Pseudo Name column with guy.abossolo.foh and
  • Mail Server Domain Name with

- Before being sent a document had to be saved with a ".mml" extension. Otherwise it couldn’t be loaded in the TchatPanel.
For example, if you want to send your mathematic homework called : My_Pytha_theorem_Ex, save it as "My_Pytha_theorem_Ex.mml".

This is a Java Web Start Demo. To Launch it use this link ScientificPad.

Install JRE 1.6 before, to execute this program. Download java.

Road book :
- Bêta release after long terme persistence.

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